Marketing Websites in a Modern Age

There’s a lot of confusion around what makes a website work for businesses in this modern age. Google’s constant changes of their algorithm to better fit the right websites to searchers intent has the search engine landscape changing at an almost blurring rate. This has search engine optimization experts and website gurus up in arms about what makes a businesses website presence increase in rankings and popularity. Well, the solution is not an easy one but I want to help cut through all the skepticism today and show you a couple of actions that you can do today to increase your web presence. One of the more popular solutions to is to use the services of an Inbound Marketing Company (like the one linked here).


What is Your Action Plan?

To create a kick-ass website design and marketing campaign, you need to know where you’re going. Don’t think for a second that you’re going to increase your rankings by just throwing a website up. The only thing that will increase your rankings is understanding who your customers are. You gotta know who your key customers are. If you don’t know this, you’re to die fast online. So, take a few seconds out of your day and write down exactly who your best customers are. This will help you define clearly who you need to target with your new site.

Next, develop a plan to market to them through your website. You’ll need to capture their information and e-mail them. You’ll need analytics, and marketing automation software. I prefer to use HubSpot. If you don’t set a solid plan in place for communication then you’ll never nurture leads through the sales process. If you don’t nurture your leads… you’ll never close a sale… expect through pure luck. Building a business on luck is tough… Leverage leverage!

If you’re looking for the services of a quality Inbound Marketing service, then consider using the services of a trusted firm in the local area. Check out this one, and do a search for other local design firms. There’s a great list here from that provides a good network of trusted designers as well.

The other key to creating a site that does work for your company is understanding how to outsource your marketing team. In today’s day and age, modern cloud technologies allow for companies to save money on their online marketing needs by outsourcing to local companies in their area. Fannit, is one of those types of companies.

It’s much easier to leverage your business with a team of people who is already specialized in very specific tasks related to conversion rate optimization, pay per click, SEO, and more. Developing an action plan that includes outsourced marketing is key to your success as a business.

Google’s First Update of 2018

It looks like Google welcomed in the New Year with a major algorithm change last January 8. This was observed by webmasters who have seen fluctuations in SERPs since Google’s first update of 2018 rolled out.

In 2013, Google changed the algorithm of its search engine 15 times. SEO managers and webmasters must learn from those changes because they are still relevant today. Google is expected to adjust Penguin and Panda updates with regards to content and link quality. Smart SEO practitioners will monitor their link profiles and try to remove inbound links that seemed unnatural. In order to do well in 2014, SEO managers must fully understand the changes made last year.


With the new search algorithm, good content is not always equal to higher rankings for search terms and will not be flagged as spam. Even if your website features well-crafted text and original images, it can still be penalized by Google. While good content is not yet awarded by Google, it is important in terms of improving visitors’ time on the page, social sharing and branding.

Google’s first update of 2018 was not related to Penguin, as first speculated when news of the algorithm change first came out. Some website owners tried to improve their ranking after the change by removing exact match anchor texts. They saw no improvements to their websites’ rankings.

On a side note, webmasters found that Google is forgiving in some areas. Websites that were flagged because of their page URL have seen significant improvements to search engine rankings after the URL was changed.

In order to remain on Google’s good side, the website must look as natural as possible. Google’s Hummingbird update has made it possible for the search engine to know the connotations of sentences within the page. This means that keywords must not be used in every tag. It is best to use synonyms of the keyword and their variations to make the content look like a human wrote it.

A lot of SEO’s will find it hard to make their content seem quality because it is against the norms they used before. After Google’s first update of 2018, a good website in the search engine giant’s eyes will need to have a Privacy Policy and Terms page, active Social Media accounts linked to the website, a detailed About Us page, and a branded domain name. Webmasters must also be careful when linking to other websites. They should link only to relevant sites that are not penalized.

These are the things that webmasters learned after Google’s first update of 201. This is only the beginning of many other updates to come. Webmasters and SEO managers must embrace these algorithm changes and adapt to them as they are implemented by the search engine giant.

Using a Cosigner for a Bad Credit Auto Loan

Being a cosigner in a high risk loan situation is not an easy position to be in. Cosigners can be at risk of ruining their own credit if the buyer defaults on their payments or is late with the payments. The best way to make a choice about whether or not to be a cosigner is to do the research. Complete Auto Loans is here to offer advice on the subject and educate consumers on the pitfalls of no credit check car loans.

Co-buyers & Cosigners

1. Are responsible for the auto loan if the primary buyer defaults. If the primary borrower can not pay, the obligation falls to the cosigner and co-buyer.

2. Must be present to sign the loan contract.

3. Both the credit of the co-buyer/signer and that of the primary borrower is at risk if payments are not made.

4. Both parties are subject to a credit check prior to negotiating a loan term. Therefore, both must bring proper forms of ID and know their social security number.

bad credit car loan

Co-buyers vs. Cosigners

1. Lenders designate if the second party will be a cosigner or co-buyer depending on their credit history and ability to pay the loan. So, not everyone has a choice in the matter. If the second party finds the situation is not to their liking, they are advised to back out of the deal.

2. Co-buyers have the option of claiming their income as a part of the primary buyers. This may result in a better loan rate as long as the down payment is a good one.

3. For cosigners, each party must qualify for a loan separately. This is compared to the co-buyer situation above.

Complete Auto Loans is a provider of national car and auto financing. We specialize in auto and car loans for no credit, bad credit, good credit, and student auto loans.  No matter what the condition of the borrower’s credit at the time of the application, Complete Auto Loans qualifies almost 100% of loan applicants.